About Frederic Abbah

Frédéric Abbah (Drs Frédéric A.E.Wagemakers) also known as AbHabib Abbah was born in The Netherlands in 1946 and finalized his education by obtaining a degree in Social Anthropology (Niet-Westerse Sociologie) from Leyden University. He worked as a sociologist and as a civil servant in the Middle East, North Africa and in the Netherlands. A profound crisis caused a sudden and unexpected change in his life, after which he was taken over by a course and into a direction that he had neither anticipated nor planned.

In London he met his spiritual guide who introduced him to the tradition of classical Sufism. In the subsequent years he represented his guide in the Netherlands where he opened his house for meditation gatherings and where he lectured widely. After 13 years he received a number of profound visions that caused him to turn into a specific direction.

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