About Manorama

The director of the School of Sanskrit Studies in NYC, Manorama leads workshops on the Path of Luminous Shabda, a path that combines Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. She leads workshops nationally, as well as internationally.

Manorama's mix of earthy charm, deep scholarship and humorous teaching style were born from years of close study with her Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati.  She is a graduate of Columbia University.  In 2005, Sanskrit Studies released the acclaimed Learn to Pronounce Yoga Poses, an invaluable tool for yoga teachers & students.  Manorama is committed to affecting the world in a positive way through Sanskrit, language of awareness and love.

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The Unanswerable Why ~ Manorama
Yoga Practices ~ Manorama
Practice ~ Manorama
Cultivate A Yogic Perspective ~ Manorama
Pull Into Source ~ Manorama
God is Available in Surrender ~ Manorama
Fall In Love with The Journey ~ Manorama
You Remain Ever the Bindu ~ Manorama
The Eternal Light of Being ~ Manorama
You are the Light ~ Manorama
You are Peace ~ Manorama
The Silent Source of All ~ Manorama
Aloneness ~ Manorama
The Key is Awareness ~ Manorama
Turning Your Life ~ Manorama
Attention on the Point ~ Manorama
The Journey ~ Manorama
Contemplation ~ Manorama
A Whole Lotta Something ~ Manorama
Practice Helps Prepare ~ Manorama
If You Can't Feel Your Own Aloneness ~ Manorama
We Get a Mixed Bag ~ Manorama
The Process of Becoming Nobody ~ Manorama
Develop Santosha ~ Manorama
Be Open and Loving ~ Manorama
The More Sacred ~ Manorama
Awareness is the Only Way Out ~ Manorama
Wholeness/Union ~ Manorama
Tired of the Drama ~ Manorama
We Are Always Here ~ Manorama
Mind is the Employee ~ Manorama
The Self is With You ~ Manorama
In the Eye of the Storm ~ Manorama
What is the Point ~ Manorama
A Quiet Mind ~ Manorama
Be Where You Are ~ Manorama
Find The Balance ~ Manorama
No State Remains ~ Manorama
Grace of Awareness ~ Manorama
The More Sacred We See Ourselves ~ Manorama
Letting Go ~ Manorama
We Are That Light ~ Manorama
Yoga is a State of Balance ~ Manorama
A Step Into Grace ~ Manorama
Don't Buy Anything ~ Manorama
Love is the Essential Ingredient ~ Manorama
Become More of You ~ Manorama
Vastness & Humility ~ Manorama
See the Extraordinary ~ Manorama
Where You Are
Awareness ~ Manorama
Knowing Yourself ~ Manorama
Get to Know Your Self ~ Manorama
Problems Bring Suffering ~ Manorama
I AM ~ Manorama
The Force of Karma ~ Manorama
Bring Your Attention to the Present ~ Manorama
The Guru ~ Manorama
Give Your Attention ~ Manorama
Thoughtless Reality ~ Manorama
Mind Is Not A Good Leader ~ Manorama
Everything Given Is A Gift ~ Manorama
Namaste ~ Manorama
The Self ~ Manorama
Something Is Rising In You ~ Manorama
Coming to Understand Yourself ~ Manorama
If You Speak With A Silent Mind ~ Manorama
In Pure Experience ~ Manorama
The More You Can Be In the Moment ~ Manorama
Sanskrit Is Realized ~ Manorama
The Best Thing About Surrender - Manorama
The Unified Field - Manorama
The Beginning of Anything - Manorama
Self Love - Manorama
Our Humanity - Manorama
A Doorway In - Manorama
Free Flow of Energy - Manorama
Look At Your Answer - Manorama
Real Friendship - Manorama
Compassion - Manorama
Watch The Movement - Manorama
You Are The Moving Vibration - Manorama
Concentration Underlies Meditation - Manorama
What Do you Want - Manorama
Everything You Are - Manorama
Nothing Can Be More Mad - Manorama
Growth - Manorama
The Grand Intimacy - Manorama
Sitting With The Question - Manorama
Kindness - Manorama
Beingness - Manorama
The Battle - Manorama
The Silent Center - Manorama
What is Beyond Thought - Manorama
Being in the Light - Manorama
Force of Evolution - Manorama
The Force of Karma - Manorama