About The Mother - Mira Alfassa

The Mother was born as Mira Alfassa in the year 1878, in France. Her mother was an Egyptian, while her father was Turkish. She also had an older brother named Matteo. Mira Alfassa lost all interest in worldly life when she was only five years old and from then onwards began her journey on the path of meditation and spirituality. As per 'The Mother' herself, she had a number of psychic and spiritual experiences between the age of eleven and thirteen. Through these visions, she came to realize the existence of God.

In 1914 she met Sri Aurobindo and shortly thereafter became his disciple.  After Sri Aurobindo renounced the worldly life and went into seclusion, she looked after Auroville, also known as Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

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"To one who has the aspiration of the Divine, the difficulty which is always before him is the door by which he will attain God in his own individual manner:  it is his particular path towards divine Realisation.  There is also the fact that if someone has a hundred difficulties it means he will have a tremendous realisation - provided, of course, there are in him patience and endurance and he keeps the aspiring flame of Agni burning against those defects. "

~ The Mother - Mirra Alfassa

From: Search for the Soul

compiled by Wayne Bloomquist